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Project Pivot is a non profit that organization originated out of a need to serve the community on a greater scale. Over the course of the past few years we have experienced natural disasters like devastating tornadoes, a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic; forcing people to live life differently than ever before and a toxic racial climate. This highlighted how divided we are in areas required for basic living such as having access to economic opportunity, the proper tools needed for a quality
education, healthcare and technology. As we navigate our daily lives, it has become increasingly apparent that technology is necessary to function in the world today. It is our mission to build bridges to economic prosperity through access to technology for the advancement of communities of color.
Our tech affiliate Pivot Technology School, Inc has created avenues to empower a diverse demographic by providing industry leading training to meet the high demand for technology skills. While on this tech journey; there has been an overwhelming need to address the technology gap that exists in low income areas, underserved minority communities, non profit organizations, youth, senior populations and many more. The leaders at Pivot Technology School, Inc. noted the increased desire for service in the community and founded the Project Pivot as a non profit organization to meet the needs of the community
Project Pivot works with individuals, community partners, corporations, other non profits, etc to eliminate the digital divide that exists in the community by raising awareness about technology, exposure to technology and being a bridge for tech opportunity. We use five pillars to deliver our services which are:


Project Pivot stands on our core values of diversity, respect, inclusivity, integrity, compassion and commitment as we provide these services to our community

"Changing Lives Through Technology!"


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